Thursday, November 20, 2014

Preparation Pressures

According to the Church's website for required assignments for departing missionaries, we have 39 days before we enter the MTC.  Unfortunately, we still have much to do with cleaning our house, sorting through our accumulated "stuff", and creating space for the young couple who will be living in our home.  In addition, we are asked to watch The District videos and read Preach My Gospel, The Missionary Handbook, and Adjusting to Missionary Life.  We are also asked to re-read The Book of Mormon; however, I think we will listen to the recording during our 32 hours of driving time to get to Tampa.

We have already received our first "tender mercy."  Renee was worried about the process of selling her car.  (We will drive my car on our mission.)  On Monday afternoon, she noticed a posting by a ward member on Facebook indicating their family looking for a used car.  Renee called the ward member, she and her husband came immediately to look at the car, and agreed to buy it.  The whole process took perhaps an hour.  One less thing to worry about.

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