Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And The Rain Ceased (Mostly)

We awoke to sunshine this morning.  This was good because we were to drive to a district meeting in St. Petersburg today.  To get there, we drive over the Skyway Bridge.  Yesterday during the major rainstorms, they were saying to be cautious in driving the bridge because of the high winds.  No such problems today.

We were able to get to the district meeting without any difficulties.  The district leader, Elder Gneiting, is new, both as a district leader and as a missionary.  He has only been out three months.  I think he is a good missionary and is going to be a leader in the mission.  About 1/3 of the missionaries in the district are still working on the 12 week missionary training program.  This will be an ongoing challenge in the mission for the next several months.

The district meeting lesson for this week was a continuation of last week's lesson on engaging the youth in missionary work.  Although they discussed it last week, the missionaries did not meet with the youth in the stake.  All of the Priests and Laurels in the stake were on a combined activity -- a trip to Nauvoo.  I;m not sure how that fit into the Church's activity guidelines.

Following the district meeting, we drove to the Mission Office to pick up some apartment keys.  We will be starting apartment inspections again.  Our general directive is to inspect each apartment quarterly.  So we will be rotating through the apartments that have been assigned to us -- roughly half of the apartments.

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