Friday, August 14, 2015

Mission Leadership Council

We drove to Tampa today for the Mission Leadership Council.  The meeting included the zone leaders and the sister training leaders.  President Cusick conducted discussions on a range of topics.  He wanted their views about some of the training topics.  He also asked specific questions about missionaries and companionships to help him learn where there might be problems.

He has decided to focus the training for the next while on 7 core topics: obedience, Book of Mormon, master the fundamentals, use time wisely, member missionary work, personal finding, and forget and eliminate distractions.  We were organized into teams to teach a short lesson using 1st Nephi on one of the specific topics.  For the zone conferences next week, he assigned sister training leaders and zone leaders to teach one of the topics.  Renee and I have the assignment to teach on member missionary work.

Here are the participants in the MLC including President Cusick.

The Florida Tampa Mission Leadership Council

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