Friday, May 22, 2015

Another Easy Day

Our big accomplishment for today was to check another missionary apartment.  This apartment was in Bradenton,  We had waited to inspect this one because the missionaries just moved into this apartment a couple of weeks ago.  They moved from a two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom in the same complex.  It is a tight fit for them in the much smaller one bedroom apartment, but they have it well organized.  It was much cleaner than most of the apartments we visit.  They happened to be a home eating lunch when we arrived.  They were eating a healthy lunch of lasagna with a big bowl of fruit.

After seeing the lasagna, Renee was in the mood for Italian food, so we went to a local Italian restaurant for a late lunch.  Our waitress is a member of the Church and she recognized us.  The restaurant was not very busy, so we chatted with her while we were eating.  She just graduated from high school, and she told us about the lack of standards in her classmates.  She said that her friends knew her standards and seemed to respect them.  She will be attending Snow College in the fall and is very excited about that.

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