Friday, May 8, 2015

Specialized Training Meeting (for Sisters)

We drove to Tampa this morning to participate in a specialized training meeting just for the sister missionaries.  Pres. Cusick has been working on the agenda for this meeting for some time and had sent out two different agendas with different assignments for Renee and me.  As it turned out, he had a third agenda, and he led a discussion of how to measure success as a missionary.  He referred to the list of success factors in Preach My Gospel.  In my words, none of the factors are measurable or quantifiable.  And they are all things that we can control, such as working efficiently and inviting the Spirit.  His point was that our efforts determine whether we are successful -- not the number of lessons taught or baptisms.  We can't count those because people have their agency.  We can only control what we do.  If we are discouraged because of lack of success, then we don't understand how the Lord measures success.

The afternoon was spent on more earthly concerns with workshops on dress and grooming.  The concern is that the sisters may not be always presenting a professional image -- even though that is difficult to do while riding a bike in a skirt.

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