Saturday, May 30, 2015

Apartment Inspection and Planning

We started the day with an apartment inspection.  This apartment is in the same complex where we live and is only two buildings away from us.  The Elders just recently moved into this apartment, so we thought we should wait until they have settled in before doing the inspection.  Fortunately, they have settled in well, and everything was clean and orderly.  However, one of the mattresses is in really bad shape.  We laid a broom across it and took a picture of how much the mattress sags in the middle.  We are going to recommend that new mattresses be purchased for several of the missionary apartments we have visited.

The rest of the day was spent in planning some upcoming training.  President Cusick has asked us to conduct a training session next Tuesday for about 12 missionaries.  These are the companions of the missionaries who will be returning home in two weeks.  He wants to meet with the returning missionaries to get them started on making their "life plans" for when they return home.  In the past, he has done this individually in interviews, but he doesn't think this gives him sufficient time.  So on Tuesday, he will meet with the departing missionaries for about three hours, and we will need to conduct training for their companions during that time.

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