Saturday, December 26, 2015

Baptism (and finances)

Today's personal assignment was to start getting our end of year financial records set so that we can file our tax forms punctually.  Even though we are serving as missionaries, some parts of our non-missionary lives unfortunately need to be attended to.

We were able to have a nice video chat with our grandchildren who told us about their Christmas.  They finally have enough snow in Minnesota that they could go sledding.  Each of them had purchased Christmas gifts for their siblings, and they told us about them.

We ended the day attending a baptism in the Palmetto Ward.  A mother was baptized and her daughter will probably be baptized in the next week or two.  The daughter has completed reading the Book of Mormon, and she did it in four days.  She is soon to be 13 years old so that is quite an accomplishment.  She offered the closing prayer at the baptism.  So far, the father has not shown much interest, but he did come to the baptism.  It made me, Renee, realize how important the concept of families can be together forever is!  I am so grateful that our family has been sealed in the temple!

Elders Ware (l) and Treanor and Bro. Bungard with Sister Roberto and her husband.

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