Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sarasota Stake Conference

We participated in the Sarasota Stake Conference today.  I attended the priesthood leadership session in the afternoon.  Renee dropped me off at the Sarasota building, and then she went shopping.  (She was looking for a sweater to wear as the temperature is now dropping.  And she was successful.)

The priesthood leadership session was conducted differently.  We were divided into three groups.  A member of the stake presidency met with each group for 30 minutes, and then we rotated.  The training was on increasing our devotion during sacrament meeting, missionary work, and training those who receive callings.

I met Renee in the parking lot after the meeting, and we dashed to the food court in a nearby mall for dinner.  A number of other leaders did the same, including the stake presidency.

The Saturday evening adult member session was not well attended.  Maybe that is understandable because the members have to travel long distances.  We did not have a visiting authority, so all of the speakers were stake members.  The topic for the meeting was ward councils, and the training was excellent.

After having visited all of the units in the stake a few times, we have become acquainted with some of the stake members.  It was good to see them, and they seemed pleased to see us.  And of course it as good to see the missionaries from the stake.  Renee commented that she felt she knew more stake members here than when attending stake conference in Provo.

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