Saturday, December 19, 2015

Baptism in Port Charlotte

This morning we drove to Port Charlotte to attend a baptism.  Three children were baptized; their father was baptized a few months ago.  Somewhat surprisingly the mother is not very interested in the Church, though she did come to her husband's baptism and her children's baptism today.

It was a special day for one of our AP's, Elder Morris.  He had served in this area for much of his mission before becoming an assistant to the president.  He was invited back to attend the baptism and was asked to help perform them.  He had initially been involved in teaching this family so it was a sweet and tender experience for him.

The speaker on baptism was a priest from the ward.  He gave a nice talk.  In it he noted that he and the eldest son have been friends for years.  And now they will be coming to church together.  There won't be a problem of fellowshipping for this family.

We had planned on attending two other baptismal services today.  However, one was cancelled, at least for now, and the other postponed until tomorrow.

Elder Morris and me

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