Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Busy Day

We started the day by attending the Sarasota North District Meeting in Bradenton.  The training topic was resilience, and they had a good meeting about how to become more resilient.  The district has been fasting each Sunday to help meet their baptism goal for the month.  I pointed out to one of the zone leaders a week or so ago that the Missionary Handbook states that the monthly Fast Sunday is normally sufficient with occasionally an additional fast.  We had a short discussion about whether a weekly fast was "occasional."

In their discussion, they attributed their meeting the monthly baptism goal to their fasting and to their commitment to talk with everyone.  They set a goal for January and suggested that they fast weekly again.  I was about to say something when the other zone leader reminded them of the Missionary Handbook policy on fasting.  So they decided they would all fast on this coming Fast Sunday and then each companionship would fast one additional Sunday during the month.  And they would continue talking with everyone.

In the afternoon, I had my hair cut.  I always have a good conversation with the barber who is Muslim.  I'm not sure he is likely to be interested in learning more about the Church, but I will continue to talk with him.

We attended a baptism service in Spanish in the Beneva Branch.  Obviously, we don't understand much of what is said but they seem to appreciate our attendance.  And they like that Renee can play the piano for them.

After baptism, I had another special considerations interview -- another brother who is making big changes in his life.

The Sarasota District A meeting

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