Friday, December 11, 2015

Mission Leadership Council

We participated in the monthly Mission Leadership Council today.  It was held at the mission office.  It was an excellent meeting.  I believe the missionary leaders are becoming more comfortable sharing their thoughts in the council.  There was training by three missionaries on commitments, language, and teaching followed by discussion.  Following lunch, there was a good discussion about whether to raise the "standards of excellence," particularly the standard of teaching 20 lessons each week.  Many, but not all, missionaries are significantly exceeding this standard.  The concern was that those missionaries who are not meeting the standard will be even more depressed if the standard is raised.  We were impressed by the insights offered by the missionaries during the discussion.  They are wise beyond their years.  Pres. Cusick will issue new standards for 2016, but we will have some training in district meetings to hopefully prepare the missionaries for the change.

After the meeting, we helped Sis. Healey wrap Christmas presents for missionaries who are not likely to receive much from home, particularly the missionaries from some economically depressed countries.  Hopefully this will help them feel more upbeat about Christmas.  The presents will be distributed at the mission Christmas party next week.

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