Monday, April 27, 2015

A Different Preparation Day

Instead of our normal P-Day, we were involved with the preparations for the dinner for the missionaries who are returning home.  We picked up one of the departing missionaries, Elder Salas, from his apartment in Sarasota and drove him to the mission office for his "exit interview" with President Cusick.  This provided us an opportunity to learn more about him during the drive to Tampa.

He joined the Church while a student at Texas A&M.  He was the only member of the Church in his family, which is basically him and his mother.  After graduating with a degree in psychology, he decided to serve a mission.  Last December, his mother was baptized.  On her own, she decided to go to Church and the missionaries in Texas began teaching her.

The dinner with the departing missionaries was very somber.  This was an exceptional group of missionaries who had all had significant leadership responsibilities in the mission.  While they were looking forward to returning home, I think all would have stayed here as missionaries if given the opportunity.  They are leaving very big shoes for the incoming missionaries to fill.

Elders (l-r) Farley, Salas, and Bischoff

Renee and Elder Halford who is departing.

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