Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another Day of District Meetings

The Sarasota Zone had their quarterly interviews with President Cusick on Tuesday, so they held their district meetings today.  We drove to Venice for a meeting in the morning and then to Bradenton for a meeting in the afternoon.  The training was done by the zone leaders and sister training leaders, so it was basically the same for both meetings.

The zone leaders taught on using the four questions from Elder Zwick's training in ward councils.  (Who is coming to church, who has baptismal dates, who is working with the investigators, and who will be taught in your home this week).  They did a role play where the missionaries were the ward council, and they demonstrated what they did in the Palmetto Ward last Sunday.

The sister training leaders, who are newly called, taught on being confident and bold in requesting referrals from members.

Both meetings went well.  It will be interesting to hear how the 4 questions are responded to in ward councils.  I warned the missionaries that they will need to continue to push on the fourth question regarding who will be taught in the homes of the ward council members.  It will be convenient for them to forget that question.

Some of these Elders have become Renee's favorites, even though we shouldn't have favorites.

Elders (l-r) McEwen, Franklin, Nelson, Spach

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