Friday, April 3, 2015

Another District Meeting and Missionary Transit

We visited the third district in the Sarasota Zone today.  They meet in Sebring.  Because two of the Elders had a funeral to attend at 11, the district meeting started at 9.  So we had to leave at 7:15 am to get there on time.  The training was the same as at the meetings yesterday.  The district leader joined the Church only a year or so before being called as a missionary.  He does not have the same background in conducting meetings as the other missionaries, so his meetings aren't as smooth.  But he is learning.

There was an unscheduled transfer, or emergency transfer in missionary terms, that occurred today.  Both of the Elders who had been serving in Sebring were transferred.  One was being transferred to Sarasota, so we brought him and all of his luggage (two suitcases and a box of bedding) back to Sarasota with us.  The zone leaders took the other Elder to Riverview Ward.  I'm not sure why they were transferred, and I really don't need to know.  I am glad that I don't have President Cusick's responsibilities for managing the missionaries, especially who will be companion to whom and where they should be.

One of the Sister Training Leaders is Sister Wilson.  The two Sister Wilson's thought they should have a picture of them.

The two Sister Wilson's in the mission.

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