Saturday, April 4, 2015

Conference Day 1

Today was General Conference.  We had a choice of driving to a church building to watch the conference sessions (about 30 minutes) or watch in our apartment via the internet.  We opted to stay at home.  However, I wasn't excited about watching conference on a little laptop screen.  Anticipating this, a week ago I purchased a Google Chromecast device.  This plugs into the TV via an HDMI port and is connected to the wireless network.  We can then "cast" over the network to the TV whatever is being displayed on the laptop screen.

I discovered that the Church streams conference sessions live over YouTube.  The YouTube app for the iPad works well with the Chromecast, so we were able to watch on our TV.

For the afternoon session, two Elders who live near us came over to watch (we had invited them).  Their alternative was to bicycle to the church building, so we were a good choice for them.  In addition, Renee fixed sandwiches for them.  Notice their short haircuts.  They decided to cut their hair because it was too hot with their bike helmets.

Elders Huber and Marsden in our apartment following conference.

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