Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Long Drive to a Baptism

We drove Sisters Wright and Coon to Gibsonia Ward for a baptism this evening.  Sister Coon served in Gibsonia until being transferred on Wednesday.  She received permission to return for the baptism of a brother whom she had been teaching.  They did not want to drive because they were concerned about whether they would have enough miles.  (The missionaries are given a limited number miles they are allowed to drive each month.)

It was a nice baptism with two new converts being baptized.  Sister Coon was happy to be back in the ward where she had served for about 6 months.  On the drive to the baptism, we talked about the sisters' backgrounds.  Sis. Coon attended BYU-Hawaii before her mission.  On the way back, we talked about some of the challenges the sisters are having.

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