Thursday, February 4, 2016

Yet More History

Another day working on the mission history.  We had to deal with some technical problems today because Renee is running out of storage space on her computer.  So today my assignment was to delete some junk files and move others around to create more hard disk space.

I ran out of projects for me to work on, so in the late afternoon, I decided to drive back to the Venice Rookery to try to take some additional pictures.  It was overcast, and I thought it might be better without the harsh shadows of a bright day.  Unfortunately, by the time I got there, it was overcast and dark.  My pictures  were not great.  But I have included a picture of the small island which is the rookery.  The island is in the middle of a pond and is located in an urban area.  You can see the buildings in the background.

The Rookery in Venice with Egret and Heron nests.

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