Friday, February 12, 2016

Book of Mormon Play

We did two more apartment inspections in Bradenton this afternoon.  Fortunately they were both in decent condition.  We then went to the Van Wezel auditorium in Sarasota where the Book of Mormon musical has been playing this week.  The missionaries stand outside the auditorium and try to give people pamphlets or copies of the Book of Mormon.  It was interesting how people responded.  Some people took the pamphlet and said they would read it.  Others were not interested in the pamphlets.  One woman told me "Absolutely not" when I asked if she would like a brochure about the Church.  But the missionaries told us they have been distributing a lot of pamphlets and Books of Mormon.

We spoke with a woman who is in the cast and is a member of the Church.  She graduated from BYU.  She said that she could understand how not just Mormons but Christians could be offended by the profanity in the play.  But she thought that people would leave the play thinking that Mormons are happy in their beliefs.

We spoke with the facility manager of the auditorium.  He told us how much he enjoyed meeting the full-time missionaries.  He admired their energy and commitment.  They might appear energetic to him, but they are exhausted.  The play lasts until 10:30, so they get home late and get up at their regular time.

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