Monday, February 8, 2016

P-Day and Senior Missionary Activity

After completing our normal P-Day activities, we drove to Apollo Beach, about an hour north, to the Manatee Viewing Center for a senior missionary activity.  The manatees are warm blooded, so in the winter they seek out warmer water.  There is a large electric generating facility located on Tampa Bay in Apollo Beach.  The manatees seek out the warm water that is discharged from the generating facility.  Tampa Electric Company has created the viewing center so people could see the manatees.  They estimated there were 100 manatees while we were there.  A typical manatee weighs 1200 pounds.  Generally the only time they come above water is to still their nose out to breath or splash with their tail.

We went to a late lunch with the other seniors missionaries at Applebee's and returned in time to attend the University Park Ward empty nesters activity.

A manatee tail splashing with the electric generating plant in the background

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