Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Inspections and Arrival Dinner

We picked up apartment keys from the mission office and then drove to Zephyrhills to inspect the apartment there.  The sister missionaries were still at the apartment when we arrived because one of them had not been feeling well.  Not feeling well was apparently the reason why their apartment was quite cluttered.  Renee gave them a few minutes to tidy up before we did the inspection.  With the additional effort on their part, the apartment didn't look too bad.

We looked for possible new apartments in the area and then drove to the mission home to welcome the new missionaries.  Twenty-five missionaries arrived including seven sisters.  It is hard to evaluate them because they are all exhausted after arriving at 2 am to prepare to depart for the airport.  President Cusick has changed the training process for this group.  He believes (correctly in my view) that they don't remember much of what is done the first evening.  So there was some training on making good first impressions, differentiating between things that missionaries can control and what they can't, and introductions.  They had dinner and had an early trip to the hotel for the evening.  I was asked to drive a 12 passenger van to take some to the hotel.  I'm not very exciting or comfortable driving the big vans.

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