Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Long Drive for Interviews

President Cusick was scheduled to conduct two special consideration interviews at the Tampa Stake Center today.  However, the Brandon Stake President really wanted him to attend a meeting in Brandon, so Pres. Cusick asked if I could conduct the interviews.  So we left early this morning for the 90 minute drive to the Tampa Stake Center.

We attended the Odessa Ward Sacrament Meeting.  This is a large ward with a more typical age distribution than we see in the Sarasota Stake.  They have a number of youth and it appeared a good sized primary.  The ward in located in the northern Tampa suburbs, and I assume includes a lot of young, professional families.

The two interviews were quite interesting -- a brother and a sister.  Each had had some major challenges in the past and are in the process of making significant changes in their lives.  I enjoy, and appreciate, being a part of these changes.

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