Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cancelled District Meetings

The weather continued to be windy and stormy.  Rather than having the missionaries driving to district meetings, some of them have long drives, President Cusick cancelled the meetings.  This greatly simplified our lives.  I had originally thought we should go to one of the St. Petersburg district meetings.  However, the Skyway Bridge has been closed since yesterday because of the high winds.  So then I thought about going to the Sarasota A District which meets in the Bradenton building.  So with no meetings, we didn't have to decide where to go.

Instead we started packing for our return home.  I know we have accumulated too much stuff.  I don't think we will be able to fit everything in our car, so we will be mailing some boxes.  That won't be cheap, but at least we will get it all home.

The weather improved during the day.  It was rainy and windy through midday, and then it started to improve.  By late afternoon, it looked like just a regular day, albeit rather humid.

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