Saturday, June 11, 2016


This morning we did some more packing.  This is going to take awhile.  We have accumulated a lot of stuff which needs to go back to Utah.  We will have a large shipping bill.

In the afternoon, we attended a baptism in the Palmetto Ward.  Three young people were baptized, the younger siblings of a brother who was baptized a month ago.  He has since been ordained a priest, so he was able to baptize his younger brother.  The parents of the four who have now been baptized attended the baptismal service.  They do not speak English, so the Spanish-speaking Sisters from the Cortez Branch attended and translated for them.  The children all speak Spanish but are more comfortable speaking English.

Following the baptismal service, Elders Treanor and McNiven invited us to join them for dinner.  I said we could do that but only if they allowed us to pay for it.  It was enjoyable visiting with them.  Interacting with the missionaries is our favorite part of being senior missionaries.

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