Friday, June 3, 2016

Last MLC

We drove to the mission office on our way to MLC.  The ordered materials to complete the remaining SUV gift bags finally arrived.  We picked up those materials and then drove to the mission home for Mission Leadership Council.  Once again, we had another last -- our last MLC.

The missionaries made short work of putting together the gift bags.  They seemed to enjoy the interaction with each other as they assembled the bags.  And they were excited to get the bags so they could be delivered.

The missionaries like have MLC at the mission home.  It is a small enough group, that they fit into the mission home.  President Cusick also allows them to wear casual clothes rather than their regular proselyting attire.  President Cusick asked them for their opinions and reactions on several issues.  After dinner (barbecued hamburgers), the missionaries asked him questions, several about the transition to the new mission president.  He expressed his appreciate for their willingness to serve and their dedication as missionaries and leaders.

My contribution to the meeting was to summarize the Mission Hurricane Emergency Plan and passed out two summary sheets for them to give to the missionaries.

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