Sunday, June 5, 2016

Continuation of Stake Conference

We arrived over an hour early for stake conference, and already the chapel was filling up.  We were asked to park in the very back of the property on the grass, which was very soggy from yesterday's rain.  While we waited for the meeting to start, Renee walked about the chapel and in her words "said goodbye to people she would probably never see again."  Because of our rotations between the wards and branches, we have met a lot of good people.

The new stake presidency is Bro. Dreiling (current high councilor and former bishop of the Sarasota Ward), Bp. Bay (current bishop of the Venice Ward), and Bro. Bright (newly called counselor in the Port Charlotte Ward bishopric).  We have met all of them previously.  This will be a good stake presidency.

Again, Elders Schmutz and Andersen gave excellent talks.  We gave Bro. Bischoff a ride home again, and he was very excited.  I wish all members would be so excited about the opportunity to learn from our Church leaders.

When the meeting ended, it got exciting, but for a very different reason.  It rained during the meeting, so our car was parked in a shallow lake.  One of the other cars parked in the area got stuck in the mud attempting to drive through the small exit area from the grassy area.  Several brethren took off their suitcoats and pushed the car out of the mud.  I didn't volunteer to help.  I was able to slosh my way to our card and drive it out without any problems  And I didn't think I would need the all-wheel drive on our car while we were in Florida.

After returning to our apartment, we had several conversations with President Cusick about the mission summer activity scheduled for tomorrow.  There is a tropical storm headed our way, so finally President decided to postpone the activity until next week.  Hopefully the weather will be better then.

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