Thursday, May 5, 2016

Apartment Inspection and Search Day

We drove to Clearwater and Palm Harbor, an hour plus north of us, to do apartment inspections.  We also looked at two apartment complexes for a new apartment.  We like one of the complexes that we saw earlier in the week.

Both of the apartments we inspected we in quite good shape.  One of the apartments had several problems when we inspected a couple of months ago.  We asked the missionaries to have some repairs done in the apartment.  We were pleasantly surprised that those repairs had been completed.

After we completed those tasks, we drove a short distance to the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.  For many years, this was the site for major sponge harvesting from the Gulf of Mexico.  Then some diseases wiped out the sponges.  When they recovered, the artificial sponge had been created and demand for natural sponges was significantly decreased.  The area now is a tourist location with shops, dolphin cruise boats, etc. along with a few shops selling sponges, including the Sponge Factory.  We stopped there to watch a film about the sponge harvesting and of course purchased a couple of sponges.

Renee leaving a note for missionaries following an apartment inspection.

Renee at the Sponge Factory shop.  I am reflected in the shop window.

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