Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rainy Work At Home Day

It poured rain all day today.  This is common weather during the summer, so I guess summer is on the way.  Renee worked on the April mission history.  It is much easier to do it a month at a time rather than 2 1/2 years all at once.

I did some work on the Hurricane Emergency Plan.  We still need to find a chaperone couple for the missionaries in the Sarasota Zone if they need to go to the Sarasota building as an emergency shelter.  Then in the afternoon, I was asked to find out more about a missionary who has been accused of sexual harassment of an investigator.  From what I have learned, nothing happened, and the missionaries did none of what they are accused of.  From my perspective, the accuser is somewhat unstable.  It is unfortunate that such groundless accusations are made.

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