Tuesday, May 3, 2016

District Meeting and Inspections

We drove to the St. Petersburg South District Meeting this morning.  Because of moving missionaries out of the St. Petersburg Ward, this is now a small district.  Only eight missionaries were in the meeting, plus us.  Nevertheless, it was an excellent meeting.  They had good discussions on being focused, avoiding distractions, and teaching repentance using the scriptures.

As we were driving into the church parking lot, we noticed Elders Mazivila and Gallagher had stopped to talk with someone.  Renee decided to take a picture of this example of this "talk with everyone."

We then did three apartment inspections.  The apartments were generally in good shape.  One of the apartments has a broken dishwasher with a pool of stagnant water in the bottom.  It is really foul smelling.  This problem existed when we last inspected the apartment, and we asked the missionaries to have maintenance fix it then.  I guess it isn't that important to the Elders who live there.

We also looked for a new apartment to replace one that isn't great.  We found a very nice, new apartment complex with a great apartment but a very high price.  Fortunately we also saw another complex that was more reasonably priced.

Elders Gallagher and Mazivila proselyting.

Sisters Evans and Jeffs, Elders Stout, Williams, Madsen, Brossa, Gallagher, and Mazivila.

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