Sunday, May 8, 2016

University Park Ward

We attended the University Park Ward today.  Actually, the Sarasota YSA Branch was next on our rotation.  However, Renee wanted to attend a family ward for Mother's Day.  They have a tradition in the ward of having the brethren teach the Primary classes and do sharing time so the sisters can attend Relief Society meeting.  So I attended Primary sharing time but didn't have any particular assignment.  The Elders taught a short lesson on the restoration.  Some of the children were quite sharp and already knew the Joseph Smith story.

In the afternoon, the Sister Missionaries came to our apartment to make their calls home for Mother's Day.  One was good about staying within the suggested time of 40 minutes and the other went long.  I finally suggested to her companion that she should tell her to wrap up her call.

In the evening, the Elders came to make their calls.  They were excited about their calls.  For one of the Elders, this was his first call home.  Both of the Elders went long, but they weren't too bad.

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