Monday, May 9, 2016

P-Day Work Day

Our P-Day started as usual.  We got the apartment cleaned up.  We then met the Sister Missionaries for lunch.  We have gone to lunch with the Elders a couple of times.  I didn't want the Sisters to feel left out, so I told them we would meet them for lunch today.

Sisters Clement and Shirley

After lunch, we then rushed to the mission office in Tampa.  We have an assignment to speak about the two new pamphlets the Church has prepared for missionary work, Temples and Families and Learning and Serving in the Church.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a copy of the Learning and Serving in the Church pamphlet.  So we drove to the mission office to obtain a copy.  We then worked at the mission office on our presentation.

We then drove to South Tampa for a special considerations interview.  We had never been to the Tampa 1st Ward building previously.  At least the route we drove to get to the building is through an older, but nice residential area.

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