Saturday, May 7, 2016


We received an assignment for the zone conferences next week to train on two new missionary pamphlets that have been developed, Learning and Serving in the Church and Families and Temples.  These are to be used by the missionaries as they teach new members following their baptism.

Unfortunately, we only have a copy of the Families and Temples pamphlet.  So we will have to drive to the mission office on Monday to pick up a copy of the other pamphlet.  I will need to conduct an interview in Tampa on Monday anyway.  However, that will not leave much time for us to prepare our 30 minute presentation/discussion.  I think we will be fine with the Families and Temples.  I found a video that was used at the Church' RootsTech (Family History) Conference a few months ago.

We participated in a baptism in the Palmetto Ward later in the afternoon.  A 20 year-old young man was baptized.  His younger brother and sister who are also being taught attended along with some of his friends.  A woman who drives the school bus for the kids also attended and asked some questions about the Church.  I think she considers the children she drives, or has driven, in the school bus to be her surrogate children.  She seemed satisfied that our beliefs are OK.

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