Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Zone Conference in Tampa

We drove north to the Tampa Stake Center for the zone conference today with the Tampa and St. Petersburg zones.  The most direct route to the stake center is to go on freeways and tollways through the center of Tampa.  However, during rush hour there is always a risk of traffic jams.  So I took a longer route around Tampa, and we arrived without difficulty.  It is about a 90 minute drive.

As happened yesterday, the missionaries mostly arrived early.  They were to arrive and start car inspections at 8:30 am and start the meeting at 10 am.  President Cusick arrived at 8:25 am and most of the car inspections were already completed.  We arrived at 9 am and everything was completed except for one car.  (The missionaries had put the wrong address in their GPS, and they went to the mission home first.)  So today, the meeting started about 9:25 since everyone was there and ready.

The training was about the same as yesterday.  Our segment should have been better today because we had already done it once, but it just seemed better yesterday.

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