Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Busy Day

We started the day by driving to the Clearwater/Palm Harbor Chapel for a district meeting.  This building is about an hour drive from the hotel where we stay in Tampa.  In the district meeting, they talked about tracting and street contacting.  Since our missionaries are just beginning to tract, after being told for a year not to tract, they probably aren't very good at it.  So they did some role playing of door approaches.  One of the approaches that works well here is Florida is to offer to say a prayer in the home.

We then did two apartment inspections.  The first apartment was quite clean, the second not so much.  I suppose that I shouldn't gender stereotype, but the Sisters' apartments are generally cleaner than the Elders.

Then we drove back to the Mission Home for the dinner for the arriving missionaries.  We received 10 missions, 8 Elders and 2 Sister.  As always they were very tired after a long day of travel.  They arose at 2:30 am and departed the MTC for the airport at 3:30 am.

As usual, the new missionaries were asked to write a letter home.  This time, Pres. Cusick also asked them to write a letter to their trainer outlining their expectations for their trainer.  President hasn't asked them to do this before.  It may be a response to some of the comments from the departing missionaries than their trainers had not been as diligent as they had expected.

This seems like a good group of missionaries.  I hope they can develop into missionaries as strong as the ones who departed early today.

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