Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Delivery Day

Our big accomplishment today was delivering a bicycle to a newly arrived Sister, Sis. Bryan.  She arrived last week.  After a week in Tampa, President Cusick decided to move her to the Cortez Branch.  This makes sense since she was called to be Spanish speaking, and the Cortez Branch is one of the two Spanish speaking branches in the Sarasota Stake.

However, the two Sister Missionaries already assigned to the Cortez Branch lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment.  It was far too small for three sisters.  So the sisters swapped apartments with the two Elders assigned to the Bradenton Ward which meets in the same building as the branch.  So the Elders are now in the small apartment and the Sisters in a larger, two-bedroom apartment.  The disadvantage for the Sisters is that they are 2 1/2 miles from the church building instead of two blocks which the Elders now have.  Nothing is a simple as it may seem at first.

Our role in this was to bring Sis. Bryan's bicycle from Tampa.  We picked up the bike yesterday when we were at the Mission Office.  Since we don't have a bike rack, we had to fit it inside our car.  Fortunately it just fit.

On our way back from Bradenton, we drove to Anna Marie Island to look at a couple of beaches we have not been to yet.  These are reported to be some of the nicest beaches in the area.  They are nice, and I think appeal more to locals than tourists.  There are some pine trees along the beach and families were barbecuing and picnicking in the shade.

We also had a coupon for a free orchid from a plant shop.  We picked out an oncidium orchid which we have not before.  Supposedly it is easy to care for; we will see.  Even though the orchid was free, we needed to purchase a pot for it.  So it wasn't so free after all.

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