Sunday, June 21, 2015

Visit to Port Charlotte Ward

We drove to the Port Charlotte Ward for meetings today.  This is the southernmost ward in our mission.  It is a good sized ward, but like all of the wards here, the number on the membership records far exceeds the number who attend.

Because it was Fathers' Day, they didn't have Ward Council, so we just attended the regular three hour block.  Elder Menlove, who just arrived two weeks ago, spoke in Sacrament Meeting.  He gave a very short talk and said he has already learned the importance of obedience.

Following the meetings, we visited the two missionary apartments in Port Charlotte for inspections.  Both of them are in excellent shape.  The Elders live in a small house about two blocks from the church, and the Sisters are about 5 miles away in a large apartment complex.  The little house is about the same size as the Sisters' apartment.

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