Friday, July 31, 2015

A Combination Day

We began the day by going to Siesta Key Beach.  Renee wanted to get some additional white sand for a sand and shell display she is making for our apartment.  The sand was wet.  This was actually a good thing because it wasn't blowing around like it did on our last trip to that beach.  Our expectation was that we would go for a couple of hours and then it would rain.  It seems to rain every afternoon.  We were mostly correct.  It started getting very dark and blustery around 12:30, so we (and many other people) packed up and left.  However, it only sprinkled a bit.

We returned home and got ready to attend a baptism in the Cortez Branch.  The Sister Missionaries there had invited us to participate.  This is their 4 baptism this month.  Some of those in attendance could speak English to us, but the service, including the talks, was in Spanish.  Nevertheless, it was good to participate.

We returned home and started looking for Renee's cell phone.  She couldn't find it.  I called and we didn't hear anything.  So we thought perhaps she had left it at the Chick-Fil-A when we ate lunch.  We drove there, but no one had turned it in and it wasn't in the booth were we ate.  We drove back to our apartment, and Renee started the search again.  This time she found it in our bathroom.  We don't have great cellular connections in our apartment and apparently no coverage in our bathroom!

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