Thursday, July 2, 2015

Make-up P-Day

Today we sort of made up for no normal preparation day this week.  We drive to the DeSoto Memorial Park in Bradenton.  We learned more about Hernando DeSoto who led an expedition into Florida and the southeast U.S. in 1539.  He was seeking gold in this new land.  He didn't find any but he did explore a large section of land.  In the process, he wreaked havoc on the native Americans living in the area.  To me, the expedition seems like it was a disaster.  It certainly was for DeSoto who died of a fever.

We then drove to the neighbor Robinson Nature Preserve.  I had hoped to take some bird pictures, but there were not many birds around.  And it was threatening to rain.

In addition to it being hot and humid in Florida in the summer, it also rains most afternoons.

Renee's comments:  I received this unique key chain for Mother's Day from David and Maile.  You can see how much it has grown from when I received it on May 10 until today.  Not sure what it will do from here!

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