Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Apartment Inspections

We drove to Tampa to do three apartment inspections today.  Two of the apartments were fine; the other not so much.

After completing the inspections, we drove to the Mission Office.  We left our car there and picked up a large van.  We will be using the van to drive a group of Elders to the temple tomorrow.

The following are pictures that we took in the three apartments.  As you can see, the apartments are sparsely furnished -- by design.  When we do an inspection, we take pictures of the apartment and post those pictures onto a special Facebook page for President Cusick to see.  Renee prepares a written inspection report for the file in the office.  She also leaves a note for the missionaries either complementing them or suggesting areas for improvement.  Just to make it a little more interesting, we started leaving a pack of Life Savers and added a note thanking them for saving lives.  After we ran out of Life Savers, we started leaving packages of Goldfish with a note to remind them to keep their line in the water (from Preach My Gospel, p. 152)) and catch some fish.  The missionaries that have been home while we did the inspection, seemed to like the "treat".

An Elders' apartment with a bicycle under repair.

A neat and tidy Sisters' apartment.

Some Elders do manage to keep their apartments clean and orderly.

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