Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another Zone Training Meeting

The other three zones met for their zone training today.  This meeting was held in Brandon.  This is only a 60 drive without the traffic concerns.

The meeting was much the same as yesterday.  President Cusick explained that the senior missionaries will be asked to help new members attend the temple within 30 days with family names.  Our assignment is to work with the members baptized in the Brandon Stake.  This will be a bit of a challenge for us because we have not been involved with the members or missionaries in Brandon.  But we, along with the other senior missionaries, will try to figure out how to make it work.

We didn't have any assignments following the meeting, so we were able to just return home.  We had only been back for a short time when Renee received a text from the Sisters in the Sarasota Ward.  They had a teaching appointment with a brother at the church.  So we dashed to get something to eat and drove to the Sarasota building.  Unfortunately, the brother didn't come despite the Sisters texting and calling him.  So we learned first hand what the missionaries experience every day with appointments not being kept.

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