Tuesday, September 29, 2015

District Meeting and Specialized Training

We drove to the mission office to participate in with one of the Tampa Zone district meetings.  The reason we went to this district meeting is that it was followed by a specialized training meeting.  The topic for the district meeting was the Book of Mormon.  First, we discussed the importance of each missionary have a personal testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  That was followed by a discussion of using the Book of Mormon to answer questions that we might have.  We role played as a group of missionaries using references from the Book of Mormon to answer questions.  Missionaries were especially encouraged to use this in meeting with youth and other members.

Immediately after the district meeting, we moved to another room in the building for a specialized training meeting.  President Cusick had invited a group of missionaries to help him understand their perspectives on the attributes of successful missionaries.  What triggered this was training that President Cusick has seen on how our current missionaries are part of what has been termed the millennial generation. The millennials are more technology savvy, used to regular innovation, less trusting of authority, and generally less religious.  President Cusick wanted to know how these characteristics might impact our missionaries.  The missionaries generated a list of attributes, but the list was about what I expected -- listen to the spirit, diligent, loving, and so forth.  I believe that President may use this in future training.

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