Friday, September 4, 2015

Mission Leadership Council

Another day, another trip to Tampa.  The purpose of today's trip was to participate in the monthly Mission Leadership Council.  Among other items, the council prepares the agenda for the district meetings for the next month.

President Cusick started the meeting by expressing his concerns about whether the missionaries are being obedient and following the mission guidelines.  Apparently he has "discovered" some inappropriate behavior from some of the missionaries.  He explained to the zone leaders and sister training leaders in attendance at the meeting that their responsibility is to correct problems when they see them.

He also proposed a trial program of having missionaries visit members in the late evening hours to teach lessons -- either the restoration lesson or how to read and study the Book of Mormon.  The missionaries are to schedule these visits and only if they do not have any lessons with investigators.  The idea is build relationships with members and also to practice teaching.  If it works well with the leadership group, then other missionaries will be allowed to do it.

The Sister Missionaries, who have just been assigned to the Sarasota Ward, had asked Renee to participate in a lesson with them this evening.  They were teaching a new member lesson to a recently baptized brother.  The sisters are not to teach a brother without someone else present.  So Renee helped teach a lesson on the Plan of Salvation to a brother whose baptism we attended last week.

We returned back to our apartment at 9 after a 14 hour day.  Just another missionary day!

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