Monday, September 14, 2015

Dentist Visit

Today was our P-day.  So we completed our normal, weekly housecleaning chores in the morning.  As we finished those, we were contacted by Pres. Cusick and given a health care assignment.  Renee was asked to call and make some doctor appointments for a missionary.  So she had to study the health care records to learn what to tell the doctors' offices when she called.  One doctor was not scheduling appointments until December!

She didn't get everything completed because we needed to leave for a dental appointment for her.  We found an LDS dentist in the Venice Ward.  Even though her tooth had been bothering her, he could not find anything wrong with it.  He was very pleasant and we enjoyed talking with him.  And he didn't charge for the visit.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you found someone willing to talk to you for free, usually my husband and I keep spending so much money at the hospital for all sorts of things. Thank you for expressing yourself through your blogs, it is a pleasure to read and seems like you are enjoying doing it. I will be sharing with my husband very soon.

    Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist