Tuesday, September 8, 2015

St. Petersburg South District Meeting

We drove to St. Petersburg to participate in the south district meeting.  The topic for the meeting was obedience.  Elder Marsden conducted the meeting, and he did a nice job of asking questions and then if no one volunteered a response to call on someone.  He started his lesson by asking everyone to stand and then playing a version of the "Simon Says" game.  As he asked about some of the mission "rules," those who were not regularly following them were to sit down.  He started with the statement about arising at 6 am every morning.  We along with the other senior couple at the meeting sat down.  He seemed surprised, and all of the other missionaries were laughing.  We were better at his other statements such as being back in the apartments at 9.

Following the meeting, we took two Elders clothes shopping.  One of the Elders just arrived, and he does not have all of the clothing that he needs.  I commented to Renee that this shopping trip would be shorter than when we took Sisters clothes shopping a week or so ago.  I was wrong.  The Elder has specific likes and dislikes, and we had trouble finding things that he likes.  So we will have to make at least one more trip.

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