Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Very Long Day

We arose very early to be on the road at 6:45 am to drive to the Tampa Stake Center for a combined zone training meeting.  The stake center is on the north side of Tampa.  With no traffic, it would take us about an hour and 20 minutes to drive there.  However, since we have to drive through Tampa, traffic problems are always a concern.  So we left early to allow for traffic slowdowns.  We were wise to do so because there was an accident which caused a significant backup.  Fortunately, the GPS showed us a detour around the traffic, but it still took an hour and 45 minutes.

The zone training meeting was excellent.  Even though we just had zone conferences, President Cusick though we should combine zones again for more training.  This training was based on materials he has received from the Church.  One set of videos was training on improving sacrament meeting worship.  This was based on the General Authority Training Meeting held before the April General Conference.  The videos were to be shown in all ward councils but that hasn't happened.  So mission presidents have been asked to involve the missionaries in helping Church members recognize the importance of the sacrament ordinance they participate in each Sunday.

The other part of the training was based on materials from the New Mission Presidents' Seminar from last summer.  The two primary topics were obedience and teaching.  The missionaries have been asked to learn how to present the Restoration Lesson in 4 minutes.  To practice this, missionaries will be allowed to visit members to teach this lesson.

Following the training, we had a mission presidency meeting over lunch.  Then we traveled to three apartments to do inspections.  The apartments were a bit cluttered but not dirty.  There seems to have been some improvement in the cleanliness of the apartments.

We then drove to the St. Petersburg chapel for a special considerations interview.  The investigator has endured some very traumatic situations and now feels hope through the gospel.

Then we drove back to our apartment arriving back at home after 9 pm.  Just a good, 15-hour day!

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