Monday, September 28, 2015

P-Day and Another Drive

We completed our normal P-Day cleaning activities and then drove to Port Charlotte.  When the missionaries updated their iPads to the newest Apple operating system, some of the iPads locked up in the middle of the update process.  So far as we know, this occurred on 5 of our iPads.  After discussions with the missionary department, our missionary secretary was told that she would need to update the problem iPads by using her desktop Apple computer.  I had to chuckle about this because Apple pitches their more expensive equipment as being worth it because it always works.

Anyway, one of the problem iPads was in Port Charlotte, so we drove there in the afternoon to pick up the iPad.  After we had the iPad, we then drove to Fishermen's Village, a tourist area in Punto Gordo, a city near Port Charlotte.  I had seen some advertisements for it.  It is an old fishing wharf that has been converted into shopping boutiques.  It was interesting, though I doubt that we will return, if for no other reason than it is over an hour drive!

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