Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Different Baptism Service Experience

I started the day by taking my car into the Subaru dealer to find out what the problem is with the lights that showed up on the dashboard yesterday.  They said there is a malfunction in some controller and they were able to reset it.  However, as they were explaining to me what they had done, they didn't sound confident that it had resolved the problem.

We drove to a baptism in Bradenton.  This was a bit different because the person being baptized is the 9-year-old daughter of the couple who were baptized in Bradenton last week.  Bro. Soto was ordained a priest on Sunday, so he was able to baptize his daughter.  It was a good experience, especially for Elder Ware and Elder Bowden who have been teaching the family.

Before the baptismal service, I visited with one of the stake high councilors whom I have become friends with.  I asked him what he had heard about the Special Priesthood Leadership Meeting with Elder Soares last week.  He said that he hadn't heard too much but he was aware of at least one ward in the stake who didn't have anyone attend.  Both of us were shocked that there wouldn't have been anyone from the ward who could have attended.  I heard a report that the bishop of a ward in another stake had not heard about the meeting.  Maybe those are indications of the depth of the challenges in this area.

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