Saturday, October 31, 2015

Baptisms Day

We were invited by the Sister Missionaries in Gibsonia to come to a baptism today.  They have been teaching the daughters of a returning member.  Renee has developed a close relationship with one of the Sisters, Sister Yellow, so we thought we should go.

President and Sister Healey were also at the baptism.  They invited us to join them for lunch and then to attend another baptism in Lakeland.  So we rushed to lunch, and then rushed to the Lakeland baptism, arriving only a couple of minutes late.  A sister and two of her children were baptized.

So even though we had a lot of driving, 1 hour + each way, it was a good day.

That being said, I (Renee) was hardly aware this was Halloween.  We were home in the evening and did not have any trick-or-treaters.  This was a first for us, especially after the 700+ we used to get in HI.  There were a few servers in costume in the restaurant where we had lunch with the Healeys.  Other than that, not much indication of the "holiday".  However, Christmas lights and decorations have been turned on in the shopping area a short distance from our apartment.  So Merry Halloween!

Sisters Conrad (l) and Yellow and the Carig sisters
Kylie and Isabelle, ages 10 and 9, following their baptism.  
The bears were given to them by the Primary President after she gave the talk on baptism.

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