Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another Shopping Assignment

We took it easy today to allow Renee's mouth to start recovering from the tooth extraction.  She has some discomfort and swelling.

We did have one task to accomplish.  We were asked to take an Elder shopping to buy a new suit.  Unfortunately, it is about an hour drive to get to him.  We took him and his companion to a shopping mall to find a suit.  His companion is a relatively new Elder from Tahiti.  He had never seen or been in a shopping mall before.  He said that he had read about them but hadn't experienced one before.  He was absolutely wide-eyed.  We were successful in finding a suit, and it was even on sale.  After dinner at the food court, we took them back to their apartment in time for an evening teaching appointment.  This actually ended up being an enjoyable outing for all of us.

Elder Raoulx enjoying the Mall - note double decker Merry-go-round in background

Elder Raoulx wanted a selfie of the four of us
Elders Raoulx and Coleman after shopping trip

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