Thursday, October 22, 2015

Zone Training

Today we had a special zone training meeting for the Sarasota Zone.  This training was based on the training that Elder Soares presented to the MLC last week and especially from a Special Priesthood Leadership Meeting held for the Tampa and Orlando Mission Priesthood Leaders.  The gist of that presentation was that the priesthood leaders need to provide better support for the missionary work.  He also stressed that the missionaries are full members of the ward council.

The training for the missionaries was a summary of that training.  Then President Cusick explained how the missionaries can "earn" their positions on the ward council by studying the handbook, learning how ward councils are to work, and then leading by example.  As part of their finding, the missionaries are to stop by members' homes and teach the four-minute restoration lesson.  Each week they are to make these short visits to members, including and perhaps especially less-active and part member families.  Then they are to make short reports to the bishop on their visits.  The concept is that they will become important members of the ward councils because they will know the ward members.

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