Saturday, October 3, 2015

General Conference and More

Before the General Conference broadcast, I traveled to Plant City for a special considerations interview.  This is about an hour drive.  Renee was not feeling well, so I made the trip by myself.  The interview was originally scheduled for yesterday evening, but the Elders called a couple of days ago to make the change.

Then I raced back to our apartment to get everything set for the broadcast.  I used the BYUtv app on my iPad to Chromecast the feed to our TV.  It worked well.

We had invited the missionaries who live relatively close to us to come to our apartment to watch if they didn't have investigators or others to watch with.  All of them came for one or two of the sessions.  We learned that the internet was not working in the Sarasota building, so we invited those missionaries to join us on Sunday.

Of course, since they were in our apartment, we needed to feed them.  We had purchased some bread and meats for sandwiches.  As we were setting it out, one of the Sister Missionaries exclaimed, "Beef.  I haven't had beef for 14 months!"  She has been on her mission for 14 months.  I guess beef doesn't fit in her monthly food budget.  I'm glad that we were able to provide her with a roast beef sandwich.

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